Hello! This blog will speak about my second visit to the Pacific mall. We visited with a much clearer head and with our mind set that we only have to observe visual culture, people/social culture, product culture, ambiance & environment, objects & material, process & working of the mall and market merchandise. For the first three hours, we were busy completing the above list but then we finally got to the fun part! Or what I hoped to be fun but instead had the most awful experience. And all thanks to the paintball game that we went to.

The whole area had a very bad vibe. It was not at all shaded which led to heavy sweating and aggressive behaviour on our as well as the worker’s part. The atmosphere of the place was really degrading as well. Everything was really mis managed and what appalled me the most was that they weren’t even providing us with proper safety precautions, like literally they just provided us with a helmet, chest pads and gloves. They didn’t even have locker facilities which I think is a must for a sport of this sort where people can keep their valuables. But fortunately, they still had the decency to give us proper instructions before the game started.

This was the first time when I had actually observed people, space setting and basically all the aspects of a place for the very first time. And unfortunately the experience was not a good one.


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