After hours of brain storming over all the 50 problems regarding the mall, I finally chose a micro area of concern for my design intervention: the paintball game that I had experienced. In my opinion, the whole experience was a disaster, but that’s just me so to quantify more on what I am saying, I took a survey in the mall asking people if they have had faced the same problem as me. And unsurprisingly, they actually had faced the same bad atmosphere of that area. When asked for more reasons as to why they think that, these are the reasons that I got: the infrastructure is not good, no positive vibes, no enjoyment, expensive and give less time, not proper safety, no attractive interior, roof is open, no sounds effect and lighting, Everything was really mismanaged, didn’t even have locker facilities, the clothes and gloves was not in good condition.

The reasons given by them are all very factual and I wholly agree with them, therefore I have chosen this area.


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