Dear readers, this is my fourth entry for this project. Yesterday, at the mall my overall experience was insightful. There were certain good as well as bad incidents that happened but overall I am still happy that I got this opportunity. So finally today in class, all of us sat down and started brain storming on the various problems that we observed yesterday at the mall. We listed out a couple of points here and there and by the end gave a presentation in front of the whole class. We were really happy when our classmates and mentor gave us some valuable and substantial suggestions. In the end, we narrowed it down to the following problems: there is no takeaway system in this mall, parking area should be increased by auto lift and sometimes we can’t find the parked cars so we can design the application or some device to find our cars, open food court area should be covered with some shelter or provide some fans, game zone blue express should improve the arrangements and utilise the area and give some good lightings, all the floors should provide maps, in the food court there should be a screen displaying the food menu of all the available joints in the food court, some sitting arrangements should be there on ground floor, washroom roof should be changed because it is too risky, ccd should have some shelter for afternoon time, home centre packaging should be changed, paintball interior is not good, PVR should provide lockers, clairs counter is not visible and attractive and spar arrangements are too bad.


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