This was my first visit to the mall. The entire class has to go to the pacific mall and observe the visual, social and product culture. My group and I went to Pacific mall and observed the culture of the mall, also the sound culture and the body language of the people. Pacific mall is located in Tagore garden, Najafgarh road, Subhash Nagar ( metro station), New Delhi. The mall is with over 130 international and national brands to choose from pacific is the new landmark of India’s shopping capital.well, it is connected both to the public and private transport. The mall has three floors and it has underground also. underground, ground and the first floor is all about shopping, the second floor have big food court and games zone and the third floor has PVR, Haldirams, looks salon etc. we get everything under one roof. Its got all the brands like Tommy, Zara, mango, forever 21, Da milo, etc. we can do grocery shopping, we can sit in cafes and we also get sportswear. we observe the problems like there was the setting problem in the mall, the floor was also so slippery and much more. It improved my observation skills. But we were not clear about the briefing and we started on a very ambiguous note where we thought we have to search the opportunity areas but we did something else and we required to go two-three times more to reach that step. 


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