Now, its time to tell you about the process of bandhani, first collect the material like white cloth, fabric color, oil paints, pakka, kaccha color powder, pebbles, coins, marbles, wool, thread, needle and hot water. Take a fine white “malmal” cloth, then plastic shapes with pinned holes are placed. The desired pattern is transferred onto fabric with fugitive colors as per your choice use marbles, pebbles or coins and place them on the rough side of the cloth on a design. now pick the cloth with the marble and tie a thread below the marble tightly. repeat the same with the rest of the marbles to create the pattern you have in mind. knots called bhindi are made according to the pattern.prepare the dye in hot water with your selected color. use as much color as required depending on the shade you want and the quantity of water used.The cloth is dyed with dark colors and then is kept and soak your cloth in the dye. dip for 10-15 min. let it dry then take out the marbles or wool. wash the cloth in soft water or in a color fixing solution.


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