Beginning of my Journey

I have been given the project where all the subjects are interlinked. I will use a design and visual diary and present a process documentation to document the entire learning process. I had to choose among International craft, Folk, Tribal, Art, design, Movements and Bio mimicry.For, this project I have searched about a lot of handicrafts. Finally, I shortlisted Lac Bangles, Blue Pottery and Bandhani to go ahead with my project.

Lac ware, they are made from lac and the bangles are ritual for many and traditional for india.

‘Blue Pottery’ is recognized as a traditional craft of jaipur. The name ‘Blue Pottery’ comes from the eye-catching blue dye used to colour the pottery.

Bandhani is a type of tie-dye textile done by plucking the cloth with the fingernails into many tiny bindings that form a figurative design. The term Bandhani is derived from the bandhana.

I pinned down at Bandhani for my project because it fascinated with  appealing colours, beautiful designs and interesting process of tie-dye.


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